Nutritional Therapy

What to expect 

Your first nutritional therapy consultation will look at your symptoms or desired health outcomes; your family and medical history and also your current diet and lifestyle.  An individualised, realistic wellness plan will then be agreed with you in line with what you want to achieve.  Normally one or more follow up appointments are planned to provide you with support and help towards your goals.  The plan an appointments cann be adjusted as necessary throughout the process.

Genetic or functional testing may be explored where appropriate and dietary supplements may be recommended as a complement to food.


Who is it suitable for? 

As nutritional therapy takes a whole-system (holistic) approach to wellness it can support any condition or wellness concern.

I have supported clients with anxiety, depression, fatigue, digestive complaints, hormonal health/fertility, autoimmune disease, weight management and healthy ageing.  I have also worked successfully with children including improving sleep quality, behaviour and overall wellness.

Some clients simply want more energy or help making the most out of their gym workouts.  The key is creating a plan in a realistic and approachable way for the individual.

Contact me for a no-obligation, informal chat to discuss whether nutritional therapy would be right for you and your family.  Leave a voicemail message and I will call you back, or send me an email.