Have a nourishing festival period

The words ‘festival’ and ‘nourishing’ aren’t often used in the same sentence but these days the variety and choice of cuisine is often just as eclectic as the music being performed.  The larger festivals offer cuisine from around the world, cater for a number of dietary requirements and also provide coffee, juice and smoothie bars as well as the more traditional offerings of noodles and cider.  Add to that the growing concern around accidents caused by camping stoves and eating out can seem like a good choice.

So, what’s the best food to go for at a festival?  As it’s likely that there may be a fair bit of walking through the day, something healthy and substantial for breakfast to start you up for the day is a good idea.  Go for some carbs and lots of protein for energy, so something like eggs, beans, and good quality toast, some good fats like avocado or even some fish if you can manage it first thing.  Good fats like avocado, nuts and seeds are great daytime snacks and consider adding in a high vitamin smoothie at some point to make sure you’re getting an all-round nutrition hit.  Oatcakes and nut butters make good snacks too and are easy to carry on the go.

Save your complex carbs for your evening meal, these will make you feel full and give you the energy you need to dance to the headlining act and maybe even make the after party!  Something like brown rice with a good veggie or fish curry, beans, lentils, cous cous or quinoa are other good choices and will see you through the evening.

Make sure you have plenty of water for the day as it’s easy to get dehydrated whilst on the move, especially if it’s sunny or if you’re mixing in alcohol.  If you are taking alcohol is involved, try to stick to the NHS safe drinking limits and alternate each alcoholic drink with water, especially if it’s sunny – sunstroke is a serious condition.

These days many festivals have a chill out area where you can get a massage or other complementary therapy to nourish your soul as well as your body.  There really is nothing more relaxing than having a massage outside with your favourite music all around you.

Whatever your idea of a good festival, it makes sense to familiarise yourself with the lost and found area in case you get separated from your friends and for somebody else to know where you’re going to be and what you’re going to be doing so that if help is needed you’re not alone.

As many of us are choosing to go to festivals with our families as opposed to going abroad on holiday during the summer, there really is an opportunity to make it both relaxing and nourishing for body and soul.