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Nutritional Therapy

Naturopathic Nutrition is an evidence-based wholistic complementary therapy that stresses the importance of food, nutrition and lifestyle for wellness. It's highly individualized to each client and the work aims to get to the root-cause of the issue and not simply mask symptoms. Your first consultation is a detailed fact-finding session that usually takes around 2 hours to complete. An individual wellness plan then follows and further follow ups are agreed as needed. Genetic or functional testing may be explored where appropriate and dietary supplements may be recommended as a complement to food. As nutritional therapy takes a whole-system (wholistic) approach to wellness it can support any condition or wellness concern, for any age group. I have supported clients with anxiety, depression, fatigue, digestive complaints, hormonal health/fertility and  autoimmune disease. Some clients simply want more energy or help making the most out of their gym workouts.  The key is creating a plan in a realistic and approachable way for the individual.

Your first nutritional therapy consultation will be a detailed fact-finding meeting either face-to-face or online in line with current Covid restrictions. This normally takes around 2 hours. An individualized, realistic wellness plan will then be agreed with you in line with what you want to achieve and will incorporate recent scientific research into your areas…

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As nutritional therapy takes a whole-system (wholistic) approach to wellness it can support any condition or wellness concern and is appropriate for both adults and children. Some clients simply want more energy or help making the most out of their gym workouts, others may be suffering from infertility or autoimmunity, or are simply wanting to…

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After the initial consultation, we can schedule 1 hour follow up appointments for as long or as little as you need. Contact me for a no-obligation, informal chat to discuss whether nutritional therapy would be right for you and your family. Leave a voicemail message and I will call you back, or send me an…

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Clients Say

  • NMS, age 39

    Right from the start of the process Nicola made me feel at ease, she helped me understand all the different options and how they could help improve my MS symptoms.  Together we drew up a plan and Nicola was always there when I had questions or wanted advice. My energy levels have improved and I would recommend her service to anyone.

    NMS, age 39

  • NJH, age 39

    “I’ve suffered with tiredness and general illness for as long as I can remember, also suffering with anxiety and autoimmune disease. I met with Nicola, who took the time to thoroughly look through my history. She recommended vitamin supplements, dietary and lifestyle changes and some great books to help understand food and how it works with my body.
    I’ve changed quite a bit in my diet and taken the supplements and seen massive changes in my tiredness and well being. I would highly recommend Nicola.”

    NJH, age 39

  • UMP, age 52

    “I first went to see Nicola as I was suffering from low energy levels, a stress related skin complaint and a low immune system. She was extremely professional, approachable and indeed helped me to understand how my diet and lifestyle was contributing to my health issues.
    Through consultation, Nicola helped me in making manageable changes that worked around my lifestyle using food and supplements. I’m now feeling much more balanced & energised and experience fewer infections; I’m delighted to add that my skin ailments have cleared too.”

    UMP, age 52

Nutrition Discussion

Well Healthy Blog

Articles on wellness choices

Choose your chemicals wisely

Today we are more exposed to environmental chemicals than ever before.  We have pesticides, antibiotics and hormones in our food; air pollution from traffic; chlorine and fluoride in our drinking water; mercury in our oceans and the vast cocktails of chemicals in our food and drinks packaging (plastics), personal care and household products. Many of…

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Have a Nourishing Festival Period

The words ‘festival’ and ‘nourishing’ aren’t often used in the same sentence but these days the variety and choice of cuisine is often just as eclectic as the music being performed.  The larger festivals offer cuisine from around the world, cater for a number of dietary requirements and also provide coffee, juice and smoothie bars…

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Our need to take time out

“Needs”. A term perhaps over-used these days and often misused when actually describing a ‘want’. Our basic biological needs are things such as food, shelter, warmth, security, sex – the same as all mammals. But what about our mental and emotional needs, these might be more individual and complex: to feel loved, respected, heard, understood…

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I came to naturopathic nutrition through my own health journey. I became aware that food was causing me to feel... Read more
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